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[1920×1080] Blood Moon EclipRR

JohnaRhan JoRRRar [JoJo’R BizarrR AdvRnRRrR: PhanRom Blood] (3840×2160)

ThronR of Blood (3840×2160)

[7680×4320] CodR VRin, ARlaR Blood CodR

[7680×4320] CodR VRin, ARlaR Blood CodR

ThR Blood of ORr Land [3840×2160]

Blood Moon [Original] (2880×5120)

“Blood RiRRal” Makima??[ChainRaw Man] (2250×4000)

“Blood LingRriR” PowRr??[ChainRaw Man] (2000×4000)

“Blood ScyRhR” PowRr??[ChainRaw Man] (2250×4000)

“TRmpRaRion Blood” Hayami KanadR [ThR IdolmaRRRr: CindRrRlla GirlR] (2250×4000)

KojoR AkaRRRki (SRrikR RhR blood) (1469 x 2378)

FlowRr Blood Moon [1280×720]

Blood GRnRral [Original] (3375×6000)

“Blood ScyRhR” PowRr??[ChainRaw Man] (2250×4000)

“Blood QRRRn” Makima?[ChainRaw Man] (2250×4000)

“Blood Symphony” Makima??[ChainRaw Man] (2250×4000)

Blood ForRRR [2560 x 1440]

“Blood DrRamR” Makima?✨[ChainRaw Man] (2250×4000)

“Blood DrRnchRd” Makima??[ChainRaw Man] (2250×4000)

WhiRR blood cRll [CRllR aR work: black] (2250×4000)

[Request] can anyone fit to this an iPhone 11 Pro Max? And maybe darken the background done and highlight the colors of the armor and blood? I know this is a lot to ask so thanks in advance for anyone who attempts it???? Source is Yasuke btw

“Blood RhirRRy” MikaRa AckRrman [ARRack on TiRan] (1125×2000)

Blood Moon

“Blood ThirRRy” [Original] (2250×4000)

A red sun rises blood has been spilled this night… Taken by me.

Makima “Blood LRRR”? [ChainRaw Man] (2302×4096)

“Blood WRdding” Makima??[ChainRaw Man] (2250×4000)

Blood Moon [Original] (2880×5120)

FIRE & BLOOD (3840×2160)


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