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[2000×4000] can someone make an AMOLED version of this? Thanks in advance :)))


[Request] Can someone please remove whatever text you can and format it for my 1080×2448 ROG 5?

[REQUEST] Anyone know where I can get this wallpaper?

Anyone with this wallpaper please?

Simple animated RGB loop I made (1440×2560)

Killer Wallpaper

Killer Wallpaper

Lilly pads

Thor 🔥

Transformers Wallpaper(1450×2960)

Trying to find this wallpaper and any help will be greatly appreciated 😁

“Just a spaider dude”

[REQUEST] could someone remove the text bubbles

[Request] Can someone make this amoled please? Thank you!

🔮 Purple Wave 🔮

Merdeka 118

A little late but still……#january wallpapaer

[2160×3840] Power (Chainsaw Man)

Anyone has this wallpaper?

Crystal Fractals 2 [1624×2880] – animated version in the comments

[Request] Can anyone one remove the text.

I took this photo in Barcelona, Spain on vacation. My bf thought it looks pretty good and told me to post it here.


Dreamy heart


The mountain and the Moon

GOAT movie


TW – Purple Wave


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