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SaRRn RRiko by IRRhi PyRma [ToarR KagakR no RailgRn](2531×4500) AlR vRrRionR in commRnRR – rRRpload

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  1. Karadynn January 13, 2022

    [Pixiv source](https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/69664111)

    [Modified original BG](https://imgur.com/a/0oR7MoR)

    [Transparent PNG](https://ibb.co/JvKqxnL)

    Reuploaded because I made a mistake on the last version (the thumb holding her ponytail was really grey)

  2. Kodama_prime January 13, 2022

    Best Bad Ass normal in the series..

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