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Does anyone have this wallpaper? I cant find it anywhere [2560×1440]

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  1. Alf_past September 11, 2021


    This is the artist, I think you can search in the site or anything related

  2. Lord_Canchi September 11, 2021

    I only have it in 1920×1080

  3. paranoidbillionaire September 11, 2021

    Found a [laptop skin](https://i.imgur.com/hwePZb0.jpg) with that design. Can’t find a large-scale image, though.

  4. lastredditusername September 11, 2021


    Edit: Shoot, sorry. Missed that you were looking for the 1440p version. This is 1080p I had saved in my Google Drive from years ago when I first had it is a wallpaper along with a couple others of the same style.

  5. Tattooed_Misfit September 11, 2021

    Fuck guys thank you so much the 2k was only a hope I’m just glad to have this back thank you everyone.

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